She is saving and improving human lives with artificial intelligence analytics for healthcare

Loubna Bouarfa

CEO & Founder, OKRA, London, UK

Why you should listen

Through her company OKRA, Loubna Bouarfa is providing accurate and actionable data-driving insight for healthcare and foresight for preventative care. Moreover, her platform offers analysis, comparisons, suggestions, and predictions based on patient data.

With over 12 years of experience in machine learning, she is helping change healthcare and other economies to move from volume-based to value-based. This means patients will pay more for the outcome and not for the pull or the cost of acquisition.

Her technology is being used both on the medical and commercial side with the same goal of driving the right medicine to the right patient at the right time.

For instance, pharmaceutical companies use her technology to predict its sales representatives’ activity ahead of time and suggests the best course of action in bringing the right medicines to the right doctors and patients.

Loubna believes society needs to move from an era of waiting to get sick before visiting a doctor to already taking control even before getting sick based on evidence.

Hear Loubna speak at Worldwebforum 2020 about her mission of creating the world’s most trustworthy AI analytics engine for healthcare.

About OKRA

OKRA is an artificial intelligence company for healthcare. We use AI-powered analytics to save and improve human lives, driving health and market outcomes where they matter most. Through the OKRA platform, healthcare professionals get one combined view of all their data, and can generate evidence-based insights in real time.

These insights include analyses, comparisons, suggestions and predictions of the future, which support faster and more accurate decisions for businesses and patients.

Our mission is to the get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, by building the world’s most trustworthy artificial intelligence engine. The OKRA platform is live and has already generated over a million answers and predictions.


Loubna Bouarfa is a machine learning scientist turned entrepreneur.

In 2016, after several years in academia, Loubna founded her own artificial intelligence company: OKRA Technologies. OKRA is a data analysis platform, using deep machine learning algorithms to transform complex datasets into evidence-based predictions, in real time. It was designed to equip Healthcare and Life Sciences professionals with the foresight to improve patient outcomes.

Before OKRA, Loubna spent over 10 years validating and implementing machine learning (ML) solutions for real-world applications, such as an autonomous ML system that tracks surgeons’ operating movements and prevents error in real time.

Loubna has won several awards and was recognised as a leading innovator by the MIT Technology Review in 2017.

Beyond her business, Loubna has recently been appointed by the European Commission as a High-Level Expert on Artificial Intelligence. She will support the EU by developing recommendations on ethical, legal and societal issues related to AI, impacting the health, safety and freedom of the wider society.

On a personal level, Loubna is a strong advocate for diversity and challenging the status quo. Having lived in Morocco, moving to the Netherlands at the age of 17, and later to the UK with a young family, she realised the power of remaining outside her comfort zone.