She is fighting for a world without food waste

Lucie Rein

Country Manager & Founder, Too Good To Go, Zurich, Switzerland

Why you should listen

Lucie Rein created the app-based platform Too Good To Go that allows restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, bakeries that produce surplus food to sell it at their end of service rather than throw it in the bin. In the past 2 years, Too Good To Go has developed to a team of 200 waste warriors in Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

They have partnered with more than 1700 companies, including Lidl, saving more than 600,000 meals within 16 months. Lucie’s app has over 540,000 registered users.

Lucie started her career in the food industry in Lausanne, having worked at Barilla, Nestle, and Danone. Her experience in the industry has convinced her that her place is elsewhere: those who innovate to solve big challenges.

Meet Lucie at Worldwebforum 2020 where she is a Food Chain Track Speaker.

About Too Good To Go

At Too Good To Go we are dedicated to the fight against food waste!

Food waste is a huge global issue, with one third of all food produced being wasted, landfill is overflowing and our environment is really suffering the consequences.
And it’s not just about the food itself, it’s all the resources that went into producing the food, the land, the water, the labour. It’s a sad state of affairs and we’re on a mission to inspire and empower everyone to take action!
Our platform allows people to buy surplus, unsold food from restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, bakeries etc. that otherwise would have to be thrown out. Through our app, everybody can make a difference by ‘saving’​ perfectly good, delicious food from going in the bin.

We’re well on our way now, having started in Denmark in November 2015, we have since expanded to 9 further countries – with more on the way! It’s all down to our growing community of waste warriors, so come join us or drop us a line to find out more.

How does Too Good To Go work?
Just download the app (available on iOS and Android), find a restaurant near you, order food at great prices and head to the restaurant to collect it about 30 minutes before closing time. It’s super easy, good for the environment and helps your pocket, too.


Lucie started her career in the food industry in Lausanne. Her experience in the industry has convinced her that her place is elsewhere: with those who are innovative to solve our great challenges.

The 27-year-old Franco Swiss then left her job in Zurich to found the Swiss subsidiary of Too Good To Go in June 2018. Lucie is driven by the mission to reduce food waste at the national level, and she is surrounded by a passionate and determined team that drives her ever faster. Allez les Romands!