She connects extraordinary smart people from all over the world through their common interest

Ludmilla Derr

Managing Director, Elite Experts Conferences, Zurich, Switzerland

Why you should listen

Ludmilla’s great passion is to connect extraordinary smart people from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds through their common interest, the insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Since 2019 Ludmilla is the managing director of Elite Experts Conferences. Her work includes responsibility for organizing and checking the relevance of the content of premium invitation-only technical conferences, which provide a global knowledge exchange platform between outstanding personalities in the technical industries. Part of these premium conferences revolves around the topic of “mobility”. Elite Experts Conferences offer technical conferences on the following mobility related topics: e mobility, autonomous driving, lightweight construction, battery research etc.

Ludmilla also brings very practical experience from the automotive world. After her PhD in materials sciences, Ludmilla worked in Zurich at Sika Technology R&D headquarters and was responsible for R&D projects worldwide for the customers BMW Group and Fiat Chrysler Group in adhesive technologies in automotive trim applications.

Meet Ludmilla at the Worldwebforum 2020 where she is a Moderator of the Mobility Track.

About Elite Experts Conferences

Elite Experts Conferences is an event management and event production company located in Switzerland, specializing in organizing exclusive business conferences and congresses. Its team is committed to enabling and supporting worldwide knowledge transfer at the highest level between visionary and outstandingly innovative people. Elite Experts Conferences connect creative, lateralthinking start-up companies with progressive global players and research institutions, integrating a win-win approach in order to better serve their customers.


Ludmilla Derr has a multidisciplinary technical background. She has a PhD in materials sciences in a subject that combines nanotechnology, chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics. Previously, she received a diploma in chemistry with a specialization in physical chemistry.

Her cultural background: Born and raised in Asia in Kazakhstan in a Russian-German family, Ludmilla feels equally at home in several cultures and speaks several languages fluently. The statement “At home all over the world” applies very well to Ludmilla.