She helps leaders in law firms and in the police to foster reflective leadership in their organizations and to strengthen their emotional agility

Madeleine Bernhardt

Professor of Organizational Development and Leadership, Brandenburg University of Applied Police Sciences, Member of the Executive Faculty, Bucerius Law School Center on the Legal Profession (CLP), Hamburg, Germany


Madeleine is professor for organizational development and leadership at the Brandenburg University of Applied Police Sciences where she works with future and current leaders in the police on their communication, leadership and investigative interviewing skills.

Additionally, Madeleine has been working for more than 15 years with leaders in law (lawyers, judges, prosecutors) on taking their leadership and social skills to the next level.

In her work as consultant, speaker, and coach for professional service firms – especially international law firms – she leverages the power of applied psychology and focuses on further developing the organization’s leadership, culture and strategy.

In 2012, Madeleine was visiting professor at the University of California/San Diego where she taught classes on strategic human resources management. Prior to that, she led two institutes in higher education as managing director.

Meet Madeleine at Worldwebforum 2020 where she is a Leadership Track Speaker and will share her passion for leveraging psychological expertise for the benefit of professional service firms.