Michael Balmer

Founder; Head Models & Solutions, Senozon AG, zurich, switzerland
He predicts movement patterns in future environments


About senozon

Senozon AG was founded in 2010 as an engineering office at ETH Zurich. In 2015, the company realigned itself and started active sales. Since then, the start-up has continued to develop through product innovation, expansion and growth.



Michael Balmer is founder and head models & solutions of Senozon AG, Zurich, Switzerland. Senozon AG was founded in 2010 as an engineering office at ETH Zurich. It builds and operates nationwide mobility models for Switzerland, Germany and Austria and serves the market segments traffic, retail trade, real estate development and out-of-home advertising market with analyses and studies. Michael Balmer has studied computer science at ETH Zurich, followed by a PhD in the area of demand generation for agent-based transport simulations at the institute of transport planning at ETH.

After graduation as Doctor of Science, 2007, he has worked as project leader at IVT, ETH Zurich as well as head of the innovation team at Axon Active, Luzern, Switzerland. During his several years of experience in managing transport-related projects the key topics of his work were and still are system design of agent-based transport planning software, methods of micro simulations, integration of activity based demand modelling and dynamic traffic assignment, optimization of complex systems, as well as graph algorithms and software management.