He has experience in leading transformations in R&D and leveraging data & advanced analytics to optimize Development

Michael Steinmann

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, Zurich, Switzerland


Based in Zurich, Michael is a member of McKinsey’s Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products Practice. Having spent some time on transfer to our New York office, he has a deep understanding of the global nature of the R&D function. He serves pharmaceutical and chemical companies in Europe, the United States, and Asia, and is a core member of our global R&D interest group.

In addition to working on business strategy and large-scale organizational transformations, Michael has developed a special interest in helping companies optimize the interface between their commercial and R&D divisions to produce better and more innovative products and solutions. For one recent project, he helped a major pharma company restructure its global R&D organization to improve productivity, increase investment in external innovation, and maximize the value from products along their entire lifecycle.

Michael also supports pharma companies with cross-border merger management, helping leaders to capture value beyond the planned synergies by pursuing the new business opportunities that a deal presents. In addition, he has extensive experience of helping organizations with change management and the cultural aspects of integration that can determine the long-term success of a merger.

Outside the pharmaceutical industry, Michael has worked on business unit strategy, geographic expansion strategy, research, and product development as well as organization design in the agrochemicals sector. He helped one client to grow the business by breaking down barriers between divisions to facilitate the development of integrated products.