He is shaping USA’s most promising leaders through former-US President Clinton’s Foundation

Mike Hemphill

Director for Academic Programming and Director, Presidential Leadership Scholars Program, The Clinton Foundation, Little Rock, USA

Why you should listen

Dr. Mike Hemphill has dedicated his career to advocating leadership that is hinged in one’s personal narrative and core values. He takes on a particular communication perspective that gives weight to collaborative efforts, resulting to better social worlds.

As Director of The Clinton Foundation Presidential Leadership Scholars and Academic Programming, and in partnership with the George W. Bush Institute, he is championing a bi-partisan approach to leadership. He mentors Presidential Leadership Scholars who end up holding key positions in society and government.

Former-President Bill Clinton has always been known for his gift of communicating as well as the core values of opportunity, responsibility, and community that have made him an effective leader. Dr. Hemphill teaches leaders how to master the same ability and connect to an audience through the power of storytelling.

Hear Dr. Hemphill speak at WORLDWEBFORUM 2020 about how to become a more effective leader by improving your storytelling skills.

About Clinton Foundation

Building on a lifetime of public service, President Clinton established The Clinton Foundation on the simple belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, everyone has a responsibility to act, and we all do better when we work together. For nearly two decades, those values have energized the work of the Foundation in overcoming complex challenges and improving the lives of people across the United States and around the world.

As an operating foundation, The Clinton Foundation works on issues directly or with strategic partners from the business, government, and nonprofit sectors to create economic opportunity, improve public health, and inspire civic engagement and service. The Foundation’s programs are designed to make a real difference today while serving as proven models for tomorrow. The goal of every effort is to use available resources to get better results faster – at the lowest possible cost.

The Clinton Foundation firmly believes that when diverse groups of people bring resources together in the spirit of true cooperation, transformative ideas will emerge to drive life-changing action.



Dr. Mike Hemphill is the Director for Academic Programming at the Clinton Foundation He is also Director of the Presidential Leadership Scholars program, a collaboration among four presidential centers that gives its participants an unprecedented interactive exploration of leadership with contributions from nationally recognized leadership faculty, senior-level members of former presidential administrations, and the participation of Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.  

Dr. Hemphill has been Provost of Centenary College of Louisiana, served as an inaugural faculty member and Chief Academic Officer at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, and spent 24 years on the faculty of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where he served as Chair of the Department of Speech Communication and Dean of the College of Professional Studies.  


Mike’s teaching and scholarship has focused on interpersonal and organizational communication and he was recognized as the outstanding classroom teacher in the University of Arkansas system. As a practitioner, Mike has delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations for corporations and professional organizations.