She has been dealing with augmented, mixed and virtual reality for more than 10 years

Nathaly Tschanz

Lecturer Digital Business Management, FHGR, Chur, Switzerland


Nathaly Tschanz has had a disruptive career path. This matches her area of expertise: Digital Business Management / Extended Realities. While she was working in Rome 10 years ago, she came across Augmented Reality, a technology that was hardly known at the time. It sparked a deep passion for emerging technologies and new means of information and knowledge transfer.

From then on, she built bridges between content and technology in various companies and positions – for example as Head of Digital Content at one of Switzerland’s biggest media brands. Today, she is lecturing and leading applied research projects at the University of Applied Science of the Grisons, shares her knowledge in talks and panels and has published two books about Augmented and Mixed Reality.