Nicolas Olivier Gonin

CEO, Leadership Audit + Development AG, zurich, switzerland
His work helps companies filter out desirable talent in the recruitment process


ABOUT GONIN Leadership Audit + Development AG

GONIN Leadership Audit + Development AG offers you high-quality assessment and development centers, feedback and development meetings + leadership consulting and development in Zurich and Bern. The Assessment Center method was originally developed in the military. The primary goal after the First World War was to select from the large holdings those individuals herauszufiltern who actually had the necessary potential for a further career. Due to the rapid economic upswing after the Second World War, more and more companies had the problem that they had to recruit more cadres (selection rate) than the labour market (basic rate) offered.

In order to attract the best people faster than their competitors, business enterprises first reacted in the USA and then increasingly in Europe with the use of assessment centres. The goal is still today, with a reliable and valid method for personnel selection, to ensure an early assessment of potential. In an ever faster changing, disruptive world, management and specialist cadres must constantly face up to new challenges: Whoever meets the skills sought today may be out of place tomorrow. In leadership development, the context must be taken into account, but the importance of flexibility and creativity must not be underestimated.



Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Corporate Finance, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Planning. Strong business development professional graduated from phd university of st.gallen.

Nicolas Olivier Gonin, Dr. oec. HSG, CEO of GONIN Leadership Audit + Development AG in Zurich and Bern, He supports executives and companies in Leadership Assessment, Development + Supply. Gonin is a board member of Swiss Assessment.