Peter Metzinger

owner & managing director, business campaigning GmbH, zurich, switzerland


About business campaigning GmbH

We are a strategic consultancy and agency, specialized in «impossible missions» for clients with especially difficult and complex challenges in the fields of branding, marketing, strategic communications, public affairs, public relations, change management, corporate identity, social media campaigning, politics and crisis communication.

Our firm consists of a network of partner firms with whom we have worked successfully since years. They include copy-writers, graphic designers, webdesigners, application developers, video production, coaching, management consulting, organisational development, PR consultants, advertising specialists, etc.

Through this network of partners with a profound understanding of a shared identity we are able to offer full-service combined with highest flexibility.



Peter Metzinger is founder of business campaigning Ltd. and co-founder of evAI Intelligence Ltd. He has been a speaker, lecturer and strategic campaigning & change consultant since 21 years, helping thousands of individuals and many dozens of organisations and corporations to be more successful and achieve their goals against all odds. Peter has always been a pioneer in applying most innovative technologies in order to accomplish seemingly impossible missions. In 1987, while his phone was tapped by the police, he built a computer network between several cities and coded an encryption program to coordinate anti-nuclear campaign activities between several regional groups of Greenpeace Germany. Before he started business campaigning Ltd. he became Campaigns Director of Greenpeace Switzerland.

In 2000 he organized Switzerland’s first online-only campaign, had his own social media marketing management software in 2009 and has been using Artificial Intelligence in campaigning and marketing since 2017. He is host of the Campaigning Summit Switzerland, the only international Swiss platform where change makers from all sectors and industries come together to network, get inspired and learn from each other. Artificial Intelligence will be a main topic this year. His work is based on his business campaigning® model, which was used to develop the concept for the World Economic Forum’s Open Forum in Davos and many other concepts for marketing, PR, branding, internal communication, advertising, community buildung, crisis management, change management, public affairs etc.

evAI Intelligence Ltd. is his company for the development of AI solutions and products.