He created human-centered design strategies for Samsung, Nike, Microsoft, and IDEO

Worldwebforum speaker Peter Riering Czekalla

Peter Riering-Czekalla

VP Product and Design, Molekule, San Francisco, USA

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Worldwebforum speaker Peter Riering Czekalla

Why you should listen

Known for combining project rigor with a craving to deliver uncompromised design, Peter Riering-Czekalla has successfully designed winning brand strategies for Fortune 500 companies including Samsung, Nike, Microsoft, and Campbell’s. He has worked with IDEO, best known worldwide for their human-centered design, for almost a decade.

Trained in Industrial Design, Peter’s passion lies in creating simple yet playful products for everyday use. He designed a waterproof & sand-proof high-performance Bluetooth speaker that became a Kickstarter success due to its focus on acoustic performance which went against the market trend of packing unnecessary flashy features. It opened doors for over 36 countries for his start-up NudeAudio that was eventually acquired only 3 years after launch.

Peter Riering-Czekalla also designed a smartphone “Nextbit Robin” that was yet another Kickstarter success story, garnering 1M$ in two weeks. The product was eventually acquired by American video game hardware manufacturer Razer Inc.. They used Peter’s design and launched it as the very first game-centric smartphone in 2017.

He then joined the founders of Molekule to market their groundbreaking new air purifier technology and continue to design streamlined award-winning products with the goal of enhancing user experience.

Hear Peter speak at Worldwebforum 2020 about creating distinctive designs and products consumers would love to support and use.

About Molekule

Molekule’s patented technology, Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO), works at the molecular level to eliminate indoor air pollution. Take a deep breath and see what makes Molekule the first of its kind.

In 1995, Dr. Yogi Goswami’s notable career in solar energy collided with indoor air quality when his efforts to relieve his son’s debilitating asthma symptoms were met with frustration and disillusion. With a combination of nanotechnology, light and boundless determination, he developed a revolutionary new approach of eliminating indoor air pollution. After two decades of academic research, countless publications, and multiple patents, the technology behind Molekule was born.

Today, Dr. Goswami’s son, Dilip Goswami, has taken his father’s research a step further by creating a physical product in the hopes of helping millions of people breathe better and easier. With increasing industrialization and the effects of climate change, air quality is becoming a vitally important global issue.

Dilip has enlisted some of the brightest minds in applied science, engineering, and design to bring Molekule to life. Come join us on our journey to help bring clean and healthy air to the world!



Peter Riering-Czekalla, CMO, is responsible for translating Molekule’s innovative technology into meaningful consumer experiences and building a brand that customers connect with.

Previously, Peter was a consultant at IDEO for 9 years, leading teams to build brand and design strategies for fortune 500 companies including Samsung, Nike, Microsoft and Campbell’s.

Peter also co-found NudeAudio, a lifestyle audio company that grew into 36 countries and was acquired 2 years after launch. With an M.S. in Industrial Design, Peter has received 12 international design awards.