Heinrich XIII. Prinz Reuss

A royal heir reclaiming his estate following geo-political disruption


Prince Reuss is a noble member of the house of Reuss younger line. In the German revolution of 1918, the family lost their thrones in located in present-day Thuringia, Germany. Until the expropriation by the Soviet occupying power, the younger line of the family managed large ground and woodlands in the area of today’s Schleizer triangle, which is home to Germany’s oldest natural motorsports race track. Today, Prince Reuss and his family are reclaiming their land, around the city of Schleiz for conservation and regeneration of industry, Hear him speak at WORLDWEBFORUM about his family’s experience of how ruling powers have shifted through time.



After the fall of the monarchy and the proclamation of the Republic in the November Revolution 1918 Prince declared on November 11, Heinrich XXVII. Reuss younger line , also as acting regent of the Principality of Reuss older line , the renunciation of the throne.

Reuß younger line became a Free State , but already in 1919 united with the Free State of Reuß older line to the People’s State of Reuß  with the capital Gera , which in turn in 1920 in the land of Thuringia .

In 1945, the princely family was expropriated by the occupying power. Their property, Ebersdorf Castle in Thuringiawas converted into a nursing home during the GDR era. The home worked until the year 2000 and has since been empty.

In 2017, the family repurchased the property and are in the process of restoring it.