He makes work better through machine learning, science, and a little bit of love.

Robbie Tilleard

Partner Experience, HUMU, London, United Kingdom


Humu is a behavio(u)ral change company that makes work better through science, machine learning, and a little bit of love. Based in London, Robbie Tilleard focuses on delivering Humu’s people science and data-driven approach to partners across Europe.

At Humu, and his previous role at The Behavioural Insights Team (the UK’s Nudge Unit), Robbie has led major projects applying behavioural science and rigorous evidence-based methodologies to solve organisational challenges.

This includes launching new initiatives to enhance wellbeing, improve diversity and inclusion, increase manager and leader effectiveness, and help firms adopt new practices and technologies.

His writing has been published by The Guardian, Business Spectator, Apolitical, and BuzzFeed.