Sandro Schmid

CEO, AAAccell, zurich, switzerland


About AAAccell

AAAccell is a leading Swiss quantitative FinTech in Risk and Asset Management. We develop innovative AI / ML solutions for the financial service industry. AAAccell stands for Academic excellence, Artificial intelligence, and Algorithmic power. We are a university spin-off company, basing our solutions on the latest scientific results and methods, developed by leading academics, professors and researchers from various Universities such as ETH, University of Zurich or Columbia NY.

AAAccell offers in-depth industry insights and understands the financial market due to years of experiences, innovative projects, and ambitious clients. We are at the forefront of setting standards in risk- and return management, developing unbiased improvements and driving disruptive optimization.



Sandro Schmid is a co-founder and the CEO of AAAccell. He offers long-lasting experience in the financial industry from large international institutions to mid-sized wealth management banks and worked in numerous regions and countries, among others in the US, EU or Asia. Sandro was in charge for several top executive positions such as CEO, COO, or CRO for different financial institutions as well as heading the risk practice as the Partner for a Big 4 company.

He is also a founder and co-president of the Swiss Risk Association and a regular lecturer at the University of Zurich and the Swiss Finance Institute as well as a frequent speaker at other Universities. He is a co-author of a globally successful FinTech book and contributes to many publications and researchs (Master/PhD’s).