He pioneered Nike’s use of AI and machine learning to mine customer performance data for further innovation

Shane Luke

Senior Director AI & Machine Learning, Nike, Portland, USA

Why you should listen

Shane Luke, senior manager in AI and machine learning at Nike Digital Innovation, is responsible for combining AI, IoT, and high performance active wear to give Nike’s clients the best products in the market.

As artificial intelligence seeps into our lives via smart home appliances (Amazon Alexa and Google Home), work applications (Google Cloud) and entertainment systems (Netflix and Spotify), more and more companies are using it to deliver products that accurately address customers’ needs, habits, and practices.

Shane Luke is driving the company’s use of AI and machine learning to responsibly collect customer performance data used for innovation projects that ultimately benefit the consumer. He plans how to gain accurate information that also gives Nike the competitive edge it needs to stay ahead of the pack. His task is to push the limits of innovation based on knowing the market as thoroughly as possible.

Hear Shane speak at WORLDWEBFORUM 2020 about using artificial intelligence to a company’s advantage responsibly.

About Nike digital innovation

At Nike, Innovation is a mindset – one that challenges to dream bigger and get better, everyday. By partnering with the greatest roster of athletes on the planet, the company can transform insights into products that empower every athlete, everywhere.

Nike’s innovation team is made up of experts – including chemists, biomechanists, physiologists, materials developers, coders and even a planetary astrophysicist. United by a relentless drive, the team invents innovation platforms that forge new frontiers in sport and style.


The role of innovation at Nike

Through innovation, Nike products get more persona, the company’s footprint gets more sustainable, and digital services get more powerful. Nike believes everyone is an athlete and innovations help all athletes – of all abilities – push the limits of what’s possible.


Shane is Senior Director, Machine Learning and AI, within Nike’s Digital Innovation Group. Shane also is the Founder and CEO of the computer software company BlueMesh.com, a team developing a solution for technology developers – a solution that will improve the way we all interact with technologies.

Prior to founding BlueMesh, Shane was Chief Product Officer at Recon Instruments where he led product strategy and execution. Shane has also held senior product leadership roles at Nike in the digital sport business and at Electronic Arts in product origination and management.

Shane is a product development, AI and Machine Learning expert, as well as a frequent guest speaker in the startup world. Shane has dedicated much of his professional career mentoring startups – including companies within Launch Academy and Techstars programs. Shane studied astrophysics while also playing varsity basketball for the University of Calgary Dinos.