He is defining the future-state user experiences to drive customer adoption and market differentiation for IBM’s customers.

Stephen Herold

Customer Engagement & Design Leader, IBM iX, Switzerland

Why you should listen

Stephen is an expert in accommodating an ever-changing landscape of technology and human needs as he leads IBM’s iX team responsible for customer engagement & design, customer platforms and digital strategy.

Stephen kickstarts client engagements with a human-centered discovery and definition approach. His projects cover a wide range of opportunity areas from industrial, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and financial services.

Prior to joining IBM iX, he led cross-functional agency teams in San Francisco, Zurich, Amsterdam and Hamburg. He also created and managed award-winning user experiences for brands from various industries.  

An expert in Enterprise Design Thinking as well as agile methods, he speaks internally and externally about best practices.

Meet Stephen at the Worldwebforum 2020 where he is a Human Centered Design Track speaker.

Enterprise design thinking and IBM’s design adoption journey

How can we efficiently and effectively solve problems, innovate and pursue opportunities with speed and minimal risk? What does design mean for your organization? Stephen’s talk will address the meaning of design and it’s value in the light of the IBM design adoption journey.

Beginning with trends and misconceptions, the talk will address how IBM uses design and why it is critical for generating business value and, more importantly, customer value. Stephen will demonstrate IBM’s Enterprise Design Thinking framework, ways of working and how IBM has scaled design across the global organization.

About IBM iX

We are a hybrid digital agency and consultancy that works at the intersection of progressive strategy, creative vision and transformational technology to tackle the biggest business challenge: tomorrow.

We won’t just tell you what it takes for the ultimate customer experience. We’ll become ingrained in your business, design side-by-side with your innovators and see the project through from initial strategy to delivery.



Stephen was born and raised in California. He grew up with Olympic rowing dreams and rock star drumming aspirations. Instead, he chased money and fame with a career in… design. Many years ago the bursting dot com bubble in San Francisco presented Stephen with an opportunity to grow the digital practice for Interbrand in Switzerland.

He is now super proud of his 9 year-old daughter who has become a native and speaks perfect Swiss-German. Stephen spends the winter dreaming of his summer weekends riding passes or hiking in the Alps. He also enjoys the slower pace of people watching and playing boules. When he grows up he wants to be a bike messenger and eventually retire to live on an alp.