The first Youtube reporter for Swiss media SRF, she serves as the voice of millennials for social issues

Worldwebforum moderator Tama Vakeesan

Tama Vakeesan

Reporter, Nau, Zurich, Switzerland

Worldwebforum Nau
Worldwebforum moderator Tama Vakeesan
Worldwebforum moderator Tama Vakeesan
Worldwebforum moderator Tama Vakeesan
Worldwebforum moderator Tama Vakeesan

Why you should listen

Tama Vakeesan’s video channel “Tama Gotcha!” showcased multicultural young Switzerland on Swiss media SRF, pushing forward relevant social discussions on cultural diversity and migrant opportunities.

A video journalist on the online portal, she tells extraordinary stories of interesting people in her show “Tamaste”. She represents a generation she describes as “always on” and gives exciting lectures about what makes them tick and how they work towards their future.

She joins us again in 2020 after hosting the Worldwebforum pre-conference arrival shows and podcast interviews.

Meet Tama at the WORLDWEBFORUM 2020 where she will be a Track Moderator.

About Nau is the new Swiss news portal. Visible on all Livesystems AG products, it reaches over 2 million people. Daily current news from all over the world are supplemented by exciting video contributions and live streams from the region.


Tama Vakeesan was born in 1987 and grew up in Bern. After an apprenticeship as a bank clerk, she remained true to her profession for a while before she turned her hobby into a career after the preliminary course for the Pädagogische Hochschule: from 2013 to 2016 she was the face for the music formats at joiz.

She moderated live broadcasts such as “Living Room” and “Coffee + Charts”. Tama Vakeesan is bursting with energy and, thanks to her spontaneous and very cordial manner, has already conducted interviews with many international stars such as John Legend and Ariana Grande.

In 2017 Tama Vakeesan had her own SRF-YouTube channel “Tama Gotcha! in which she took her followers into her world from different cultures.

Her diversity led to various engagements with the SRF. She moderated at the “Swiss Skills”, interviewed TV legend Aeschbacher in his final show and danced her way to second place at “May I please?

Tama is currently working as a video journalist for the online portal NAU and portrays people with an extraordinary history in her format “Tamaste”.

In addition, she gives exciting lectures on the topic “Generation Y – Always On”, in which she explains in her relaxed and spontaneous way how her generation ticks, what occupies her and what hopes “Generation Y” has for the future.