Tobias Kull

Consultant, ITConcepts, rotkreuz, switzerland
He knows how to solve your IT operations problems before they even occur


about Tobias Kull's speech

“Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it…”—Dan Ariely, Behavioral Economist
In his keynote Tobias Kull is talking about the future trends of IT Operations (ITOps) and how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is going to change our work.
Imagine it’s Black Friday or spring sales, you have offered special sales in your web shop. For any reason your customers can’t place their orders. An absolute nightmare for any retailer. Demonstrated on a future used case Tobias is going to show how to not just minimize but actually eliminate your response time. Proactively defense problems before they occur!

About ITConcepts

ITConcepts – Business Software Consultant since 1999. Our consultants are among the best in their field. And for each of us, only one thing counts every day: the success of our clients with their IT. ITConcepts is one of the leading providers of 360-degree solutions for the efficient automation of business processes. Our long-standing expertise includes identity and access management, IT security, IT service management as well as workload automation and big data analytics. Our software concepts are tailored to individual needs and focus on optimizing IT operations in a business environment. Thus our concepts contribute significantly to the maximum profit of technology investments. ITConcepts Professional GmbH has been implementing and accompanied innovative projects with major clients such as UBS, Credit Suisse, SIX Group, Swisscom and many other well-known companies in Switzerland.



Tobias Kull is a highly experienced Security Consultant working for ITConcepts Professional GmbH in Switzerland. Since more than 15 years Tobias worked with numerous customers to help them with their network and security needs as well as in their management process.

Being aware of the human place in the IT world, his priority in each project is to include the end-user perception for a successful project.