He is helping businesses master constraint-based innovation

Tony Franco

CEO and Co-Founder, A Beautiful Constraint, London, UK

Why you should listen

Constraints are usually perceived as challenges in business. Tony Franco trains firms to imbibe a transformer mindset by treating limitations as new capabilities instead of obstacles.

The central theme of Tony’s work is hinged on the essence of the book “A Beautiful Constraint” which he markets together with authors Adam Morgan, Mark Baden, and Co-Partners. It’s a practical handbook about everyday inventiveness and the tools to help master it. Huge corporations such as Unilever, Atlassian, LVMH, and Nestle have used these constraint-based innovation tools to improve their brand strategies.

With a solid 20-year marketing background, Tony runs his own creative agency Franco London, servicing SAB Miller, Brown Forman, and Nespresso, amongst many others. He also creates and facilitates Creative and Critical Thinking, Consumer Understanding, and Storytelling workshops for international teams.

Tony’s expertise in Brand Strategy was honed at Nestle where he worked for almost a decade handling global brand Nescafe.

About A Beautiful Constraint

In partnership with eatbigfish.

Business is fuelled by its ambitions, but more often than not, significant constraints prevent us from achieving these ambitions and we get stuck in a rut, unable to grow, unable to succeed.

Based on 3 years of research with major organisations and captured in the highly acclaimed book, A Beautiful Constraint, the ABConstraint company has developed a unique approach to constraint-led innovation. Our programmes, speeches and seminars focus on the method, mindset and motivation required to help you embrace your toughest constraints in order to develop new ideas.

Companies worked with in 2016 include: Unilever Research & Development, Unilever European Supply Chain, Moet Hennessy, Camelot UK, Westpac Australia and the UK Rail Safety and Standards Board.

In recent years, I’ve became more interested in the people who ran the brands. I love it when people perform well. So I decided to focus more on training and coaching rather than consultancy.

I’ve therefore developed a series of training programmes across a range of marketing and business skills. Those that I want to pass on to others.



For the past 3 years Tony has been working as an Associate Partner of ‘A Beautiful Constraint’, in partnership with Challenger Brand experts eatbigfish. Via his inspirational presentations and workshops, he’s been helping a diverse range of businesses turn their limitations into advantages.

Tony has been working in the marketing industry for over 25 years on both the client and agency side. He’s an expert on innovation, brand strategy and consumer insight. His work has taken him all over the world and he’s had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most famous brands.

He started his marketing career at Nestle where he spent 8 years in various brand management roles looking after brands such as Buitoni and Nescafe. For 10 years he worked as a consultant for the marketing agency Added Value (now Kantar Consulting) where he became a Board Director of the UK business. He’s worked with many of the agency’s key international clients across a range of sectors.

Since then, he’s been working as an independent marketing consultant, trainer and coach.