Dr. Ulf Blanke has a background in machine learning for understanding crowd behavior on city scale events. He obtained his PhD by TU Darmstadt and held positions as senior researcher at Max Planck Institute, AGT international (R&D) and ETH-Zürich. During that time he has been actively driving the research agenda in the mobile and IoT research community in different roles as editor or programme committee member.

For the last couple of years Ulf has been active in the startup space with cofounding TwoSense based in New York, and antavi GmbH. antavi is an ETH-Z spin off and helps crowd managers, police forces, and emergency teams to communicate better and gain data-driven insights to manage crowded spaces in a better way. The company has been incubated in the pioneer fellowship programme from ETH-Z. It has been also selected with 30 other startups for the accelerator programme Kickstart. Their solutions are used on all major events in Zürich, and recently at the Octoberfest in Munich.