He bridges the gap between the research and commercial worlds at IBM and fosters strategic client partnerships

Ulrich Schimpel

CTO Europe Team IBM Research, Cognitive Industry Solutions, IBM, Zurich, Switzerland

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Dr. Ulrich Schimpel is the Federal CTO of IBM Switzerland and combines more than 15 years of broad and deep expertise across various industries (e.g. public sector, supply chain management, distributed energy, and nutrition&food). He focuses on highly innovative technologies including cognitive computing, spot pricing, IoT, blockchain, simulation, and video analytics to deliver sustainable value to industries.

He has held various management positions and use people-centric and agile methods in his activities ranging from industrial research, technical pre-sales, consulting, via project execution to people management and education.

Currently, he is the Federal CTO at IBM Switzerland and a member of the CTO Europe Team. His responsibility ranges from establishing strategic partnerships with (public) clients, fostering the dialog about innovative technologies within the industries and the public, and to support dedicated projects. Within IBM, he continues to “translate” between the “commercial world” and the “research world” given his history and network at IBM Research.