Her authority on Japanese business organization, strategy, & management is indisputable

Ulrike Schaede

Professor of Japanese Business, Director, Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology, University of California, San Diego, USA

Why you should listen

Japan is the world’s third largest economy, surpassing Germany and the UK. For a country that has secluded itself from the rest of the world after the war, Japan’s independent advancements in business and technology are truly remarkable. Professor Ulrike Schaede recognizes this and has dedicated her life studying Japan’s economy and corporate strategies. Fluent in Japanese, she is an expert on the country’s current affairs and industry dynamics.

She believes that Japanese companies are the ninja champions of Silicon Valley as they are there not to fight head on but learn and bring with them what they discover in order to optimize their own techniques back home.

Professor Ulrike’s passion also lies in championing women in business. She directs full immersion programs for female managers from Japan to enhance their global management skills.

Hear Ulrike speak at WORLDWEBFORUM 2020 about what firms could learn from the Japanese way of doing business and what companies could do to support women in the workplace.

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Ulrike Schaede (ウリケ・シェーデ) is director of JFIT and professor of Japanese Business and head of the International Management Track at GPS. Schaede holds a Ph.D. in Japan Studies and Economics.

As a Japan expert, her research interests are Japan’s corporate strategy, business organization and management, regulation, financial markets, HR practices and entrepreneurship.

Before joining GPS in 1994, she held assistant professor positions in Germany, Hitotsubashi University and UC Berkeley.

She is fluent in Japanese and has spent more than eight years of research and study in Japan, including as a visiting scholar at the research institutes of the Bank of Japan, METI, the Development Bank of Japan and the Ministry of Finance.

Schaede writes a column published by Nikkei Business Online (Japanese).