Umberto Michelucci

Founder TOELT GmbH & Lecturer ZHAW Zurich University of Applied sciences, Switzerland
He’s at the forefront of deep learning AI research


About TOELT GmbH

Toelt Ltd. is a company with one aim: to make everyone in the world able to work with and understand AI. We aim to do that with education and research, creating modern and advanced educational material that is not easily accessible or even existing today. We want to make education in AI accessible to everyone, regardless of background or possibilities. We want to change the world with education, because we believe that future jobs will require new skills that are not available today, and is our duty, as a society, to teach the required skills to everyone and to all companies to prepare them for the future. We are actively participating in research to be always up to date with the practical problems that different industries have, and to be able to include those aspects in our educational material and courses. Applied research will be the characteristic that will distinguish successful companies in the next five to ten years from companies that will disappear eventually. We are working very hard to help everyone to get the right language, to understand the problems and the technology. We believe education is the key to change the world.

Big Data & Machine Learning – perls & pitfalls

Short Abstract
Imagine: Our buildings learn to understand the patterns of the people living and working in them. Buildings which auto-reduce their footprint by adopting to the needs of the people living and working in them while increasing their experienced quality of life. These buildings will interact with each other in a swarm intelligence manner. They will exchange and adopt according to changing circumstances in their nearby environment. As we all know, the founding for this is Data.
Today we live in world where we generate more data than we can use. We have data for everything: weather, traffic information in real time, criminal activities, house values, house prices, mobility information, temperature in each room, financial data, and much more. The list is endless. But how much data is necessary? What kind of data, where do we find the right data? How should we use it, what skills and partners do you need? What is science fiction and what is realistic? What is feasible and where are the boundaries? In his talk, Umberto will talk about both, possibilities and boundaries. He will give an overview on how such projects are structured and what lessons we can learn from jungle with data.



Umberto studied physics and mathematics. He is an expert in numerical simulation, statistics, data science and machine learning. In addition to several years of research experience at the George Washington University (USA) and the University of Augsburg (DE), he has 15 years of practical experience in the fields of data warehouse, data science and machine learning. His last book “Applied Deep Learning – A Case-Based Approach to Understanding Deep Neural Networks” was published by Springer in 2018. He is currently working on his new book on “Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks Theory and Applications”. He is very active in research in the field of artificial intelligence. He publishes his research results regularly in leading journals and gives regular talks at international conferences.

Sharing is caring – that for he teaches as lecturer at the ZHAW University of Applied Sciences for Deep Learning and Neural Networks Theory and Applications and at the HWZ University of applied science for Big Data Analysis and statistics. He is also responsible at Helsana Vesicherung AG for research and collaborations with universities in the area of AI.
He just recently founded TOELT GmbH, a company aiming to develop new and modern teaching, coaching and research methods for AI, to make AI technologies and research accessible to every company and everyone.