He is incessantly working for the advancement of medicine dispensaries

Walter Oberhänsli

CEO, Zur Rose Group, Steckborn, Switzerland

Why you should listen

Walter Oberhänsli is Founder and CEO of Zur Rose Group AG, Europe’s leading online pharmacy, operating in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Walter also owns the beauty arm of Zur Rose in Spain, France, and Italy.

Walter is instrumental in extending the Group’s e-prescriptions business, shifting consumer behaviour from traditional offline prescription fulfilment to online medicine click and collect or delivery.

Walter has been taking over and integrating various competitors through its subsidiary Doc Morris. In addition, he has purchased the pharmacy platform Promofarma in Spain – and intends to grow rapidly with it in Southern Europe.

He is excited about the possibility of cross-channel shopping on top of e-dispensary and is working on combining shopping at big supermarkets such as Migros with pharmacy purchase, that would incentivise shoppers through loyalty points.

His life’s work is about improving the state of medicine dispensary in Europe through technology to reach consumers faster and more efficiently.

Meet Walter at Worldwebforum 2020 where he is a Digital Health Track Speaker.

About Zur Rose Group

The Swiss Zur Rose Group is Europe’s largest e-commerce pharmacy and one of the leading medical wholesalers in Switzerland. With its business model, it offers high-quality, safe and cost-effective pharmaceutical care and thus contributes to reducing healthcare costs. It is also characterized by the continuous further development of digital services in the field of drug management and actively promotes its positioning as a comprehensive, integrated cross-service healthcare platform. The creation of added value and a pronounced patient orientation make the Group an important strategic partner for service providers, cost units and industry.

The Zur Rose Group is internationally present with strong brands, including Germany’s best-known pharmacy brand DocMorris. The company employs over 1,300 people at various locations and generated a turnover of CHF 1,207 million in the 2018 financial year.



Walter Oberhänsli (1958) has served as Executive Director and CEO of the listed Zur Rose Group since 2005. From 1996 to 2011, he was also Chairman of the Board.

He established the business, which now employs approx. 1,500 people, in 1993 together with 21 medical doctors. Until 2004, he practised as an independent lawyer. Walter Oberhänsli studied law at the University of Zurich.