The “New Work” normal

Gone are the days when proximity is seen as the key to productivity. 

Today, modern organizations are successfully working remotely. WordPress has all of its teams working in different locations. The Swiss alpine resort Laax has a co-working space on top of the mountains. 

The progressive ones who were quick to jump on the trend have addressed flexible work situations proactively. They have long realized that the “Future of Work” is undeniably headed towards operating with a more diverse organization. They have seen for themselves how flexible working arrangements have attracted top talent.


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It’s not too late 

Perhaps these companies who have already adopted team collaboration tools are at an advantage. But it’s not too late for your organization to adopt. 

beecom, an Atlassian Platinum Partner of 14 years and the first partner in Switzerland, has the tools that will let your team embrace remote and flexible work more effectively as we waltz into a new era of hyper mobility. 

In a study conducted by Deloitte about how the workplace is evolving, it’s seen that 28% of Swiss citizens already work from home at least one half day a week, and a third of the remaining 72% would like to do so in the future. Is your company ready to adjust with this paradigm shift?

Remote work entails mind-shift

It takes a cultural mind-shift that must be propagated by top management for workers and teams to use the option of remote work more conscientiously and effectively. 

How do you ensure productivity without face-to-face interactions? How do you assure your teammates that you are being effective even when you are not at your office desk?

How can managers monitor work progress without micromanaging with constant calls and messaging?

In these unpredictable times, coupled with the threat of an impending #coronavirus pandemic, is your company equipped to quickly adapt to the changing demands of new work? At a time when society is threatened by a transmissible disease, staying home should not mean sacrificing the ability to work and provide. When you need to self-quarantine, does working from home make you feel guilty you are not physically able to collaborate with your teammates?

Anxieties about remote work are quelled when the option is normalized company-wide and when reliable tools are provided to facilitate workflow more effortlessly. 

beecom itself has 20% freelancers, contractuals, and remote employees who operate using tools that have been tried and tested by high-performing teams like NASA, Facebook Boeing, Cisco, and many others. 


Tools make remote work possible

Globally-known Atlassian software tools like Jira and Confluence are distributed and supported by beecom in Switzerland. These project management tools, originally designed to make software creation and collaboration better and faster, have allowed beecom and its clients to transition from traditional to agile work, allowing flexibility and better adaptability to work changes. 

Collect your team’s thoughts, plans and knowledge in Confluence. Track your issues in your Jira application, and let the two applications work together to help you get your job done.

Confluence keeps your team on the same page – literally! With the ready-to-go requirements template, you can collaborate on requirements with your team in real-time and discuss details with stakeholders using inline comments. When you’ve all agreed on the final requirements, it’s only one click to convert them into Jira issues, without even having to leave your page.

Instead of collaborating on mockups in one place, development tasks in another, and user stories in something else, you can bring all of this work into Confluence and you can use Jira to post, track, and review each task that allows for the project to fully materialize. 

Jira lets your teams define their processes, break down and track issues, and organize work. Issues in Jira can represent all kinds of things: a task, a document… even a person. Just about anything you want to track can be an issue. 

The synergy of Jira and Confluence allows your teams, regardless of their work situation and location, collaborate and produce work better and faster. 

These tools allow you to face the challenges of “new work” as it becomes the “new normal.“

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Do you need help in putting your remote work and project management tools in place? 

Get in touch with the beecom team.

beecom will host a series of workshops and webinars in Switzerland featuring speakers who are experts on “Virtual Teams”.

Learn how to concretely make teams more effective with remote work set-ups by joining a Worldwebforum on Tour – Teams event.