The desire to see the world inspires people all over our planet to travel both close to home and far afield. How to successfully create customer-focused offers that include a consistently high level of service in this growth market?


Experience the future of tourism

The customer journey of travellers is becoming increasingly electronic. Technologies such as AI and Big Data are reliable and always friendly travel companions: they provide context for map searches, help overcome language barriers, and assist when delays occur. Without these invisible helpers to tackle and carry out a journey is almost unthinkable.

Do customers become dependent? Or do they always have the intelligent helpers under control? Where do privacy issues accentuate themselves? Who are the winners in the value chain? Are there differences between the West and the East? The “TOURISM” track will explore these and other questions with top-class speakers. Your experiences and thoughts at the panel discussions are highly welcome!

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Session 1

AI and big data in travel & tourism

Session 2

How to make the customer king again

Session 3

Does your big ego turn you into a servant?

Session 4

The route of success

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