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Digital health

Rising costs, conflicting interests, societal trade-offs: health systems worldwide face fundamental challenges.

In this context, McKinsey & Company launches a new platform in conjunction with ETH Zurich, that assembles digital health shapers from around the world.

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The Future of Work is happening today.

From automated information systems to artificial intelligence to remote workforce – the decisions (or indecisions) that are made today will have huge effect on the pace, adaptability and performance of your teams well into the future.

Join this track to understand which priorities hold the most importance for your business and find out how other companies are paving their paths.

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What does leadership mean, and are we in a state of suffering from the lack of it?

In the European block, companies have found themselves to be in a comfort zone of well-engineered mechanics. What is the need to break from conformity? What value does courage have in modern business?

Join this track for a rich discussion and a look at the leaders who are driving the radical changes of tomorrow.

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Artificial intel­ligence

The biggest concerns about working with AI are poor communication, being hard to work with, and inconsistent performance.

This track discusses how AI has the power to take teamwork to the next level, but it cannot be a crutch for dysfunctional teams. If we don’t fix our teams now, imagine what will happen when we add in AI?

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As blockchain permeates all facets of transaction economy and the ecosystem for smart contracts expand, this track will dive into the mixed cases for blockchain application and implementation from health, finance, creative industry and beyond.

Join this track to meet blockchain professionals at the forefront of Distributed Ledger Technology and the researchers of pre-market payment technologies.

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Women in Tech

Diplomatic Courier brings together multi-disciplinary stakeholders from the private sector, policy, academia, and innovation to actively encourage women to enter and rise in the technology sector.

This track presents a discussion of the trends and solutions for closing the gender gap in STEM and improving the pipeline for female technical talent.

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Food Chain

Is end-to-end transparency from seed to plate still a dream? What consumers expect, regulators request, and what the food industry delivers.

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