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We -as economic leaders- have to bring our society to the next level immediately.


We are assembling leading transformers from around the world, creating an exclusive club with visionaries, innovators and enterpreneurs from today’s most significant companies.


The TRNSFRMRS Club discusses big ideas on an irregular basis, with speakers and guests, who were inspired by the vision of the paradigm shift.


Meeting in Laax

Jan 13-16, 2019 – LAAX CH


Be part of the highlight event of 2019 in Laax, one of Switzerland’s top ski resorts, which will take place just a few days before the conference with TRNSFRMRS Club members and selected speakers of the WORLDWEBFORUM.

During the 3 days in Laax you will enjoy a unique program, including member dinners, ski & snowboarding, personal ski Instructors, guided freeriding tours, wine tasting, traditional swiss fondue, night sledding and wellness, all under the supervision of the management of the Weisse Arena Group, the local company which provides unique alpine leisure experiences.

Speakers Dinner

Jan 16, 2019, ZURICH


Founding members of the TRNSFRMRS Club get the opportunity to dine with the speakers of the 7th annual WORLDWEBFORUM. Some of the participants at the dinner will be, among others, the Co-Inventor of the Apple Store, Wilhelm Oehl, the head of business development at coinbase, the worlds largest digital currency, Sam Rosenblum, the Chief Innovation Officer at Red Bull Media House, Andreas Gall and many more renowned innovators and influencers.

Premium Pass Day 1 & Day 2

Jan 17-18, 2019, ZURICH


This year the WORLDWEBFORUM will take place on January 17-18 with the main topic and exciting speaker line-up to be announced soon. Watch this space!


by ETH Zurich

Jan 17, 2019, ZURICH


THE CEO YOU WANT TO BE IN THE NEW PARADIGM. With the support of the ETH Zurich, we offer a workshop for invited CEOs about strategic leadership in times of radical transformation. A café ambience will be created in order to facilitate a structured conversational process to explore the issues and challenges of a fundamentally transformed future, where traditional industry lines blur and traditional advantages are threatened. The discussion will be conducted by globally recognized academics and thought leaders.

Networking Dinner

Jan 17, 2019 – 18:30 – LA SALLE RESTAURANT, ZURICH


An invitation only Networking Dinner with partners, speakers and selected guests of the WORLDWEBFORUM at the La Salle Restaurant in Zürich. The TRNSFRMRS members are granted a seat at the speakers table.


Jan 17-18, 2019 – 9:00 STAGE ONE, ZURICH


During the second day of the WORLDWEBFORUM you will have the opportunity to participate the Vertical Events, which are dedicated to topics that may transform the future way organisations will work and the challenges they face.


Mindfood Meetings & Trips



As a founding member you have the opportunity to participate at the international meetings of the TRNSFRMRS Club.

Mindfood Trips include creativity stimulating events such as the Burning Man in Nevada, the Ultra Festival in Miami and the Midburn Festival in Tel-Aviv or a visit to Silicon Valley with exclusive access to many of the worlds most rapidly growing companies.

Throughout the year TRNSFRMRS Mashup & Meetings will give you the opportunity to meet international experts and leaders, thanks to the unique WORLDWEBFORUM Network.



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2018 - 2019

Transformer Member

January 18, 2019

Future of Work Track

Future of Work Track


January 17, 2019

CEO Workshop

CEO Workshop

WORLDWEBFORUM CEO WORKSHOP, STAGE ONE ZURICH, JAN 17, 2019 “It cannot be changed without changing our thinking” Albert Einstein

January 17, 2019

Worldwebforum 2019

Worldwebforum 2019

The saga continues.

January 16, 2019

Speaker Dinner

Speaker Dinner

Founding members of the TRANSFORMERS Club get the opportunity to dine with the speakers of the 7th annual WORLDWEBFORUM.

January 13, 2019

Pre-Unconference Laax

Pre-Unconference Laax

Be part of the highlight event of 2019 in Laax, one of Switzerland’s top ski resorts, which will take place just a few days before the conference with TRANSFORMERS Club members and selected speakers of the WORLDWEBFORUM. During the 3 days in Laax you will…