The Trnsfrmr Club

Empowering Radical Change

As we face the breakdown of hierarchical structures we seek out those who can inspire courage to innovate and push ahead the new paradigm. We believe radical change in businesses and organizations happens by bringing together pioneers, nerds, mavericks, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, misfits, and you.

The Trnsfrmrs Club is a melting pot of cross-industrial decision makers who debate, ideate and act on the question “What do I need to do today to be successful tomorrow?”.


Upcoming events

Volvo Art Session

Oct 24, 2019

Trnsfrmrs attend the Volvo Art Session 2019


Attend the Exclusive opening night of the Volvo Art Session 2019 in Schiffbau, Zurich.

Volvo Art Session 2019 will focus on the relationship between man and technology. Under the theme “Human meets Digital”.

The focus though will not be on the increasingly human robot, but on the human being, who is becoming increasingly machine-like through technology and transforming more and more like the cyborg.

Join fellow-Trnsfrmrs explore the art expressions at this exclusive opening night. Event starts at 18:00.


Jan 12-15, 2020,


Members and speakers meeting in Laax

Trnsfrmrs, selected Worldwebforum speakers and fellows are invited to come together for 3 days of fun, excitement and mindfood in Laax, one of Switzerland’s premier winter sports resorts.

In the 3 days prior to the main conference, you unwind and are energized by a bespoke program of workshops, personal ski and snowboard instruction, guided freeriding tours, wine-tasting, traditional Swiss fondue, night sledding, wellness and entertainment.

Weisse Arena Group are our gracious hosts for this exclusive Alpine event.

Worldwebforum Trnsfrmrs LAAX

Atlantis by Giardino, Zurich

Jan 15, 2020


Speaker Dinner

In an evening of fine wine and gastronomy, enjoy an intimate dinner with the speakers of Worldwebforum. As a Trnsfrmr, you have the opportunity to go beyond the velvet rope and dive deeper into the minds and visions of our esteemed international guest speakers.

In 2020, you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with our star speakers such as Victor Luo from Amazon, Arif Khan from SingularityNET, our headlining speaker Lars Ulrich, Founder & Drummer of Metallica, and other brilliant minds on stage.

Worldwebforum Trnsfrmr club

Atlantis by Giardino, Zurich

Jan 16, 2020


Trnsfrmr Workshop

Facilitated in the luxurious Atlantis by Giardino Hotel Zurich, a structured workshop to explore the issues and challenges of a transforming future will be conducted by renowned academics, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders.

At the end of this day, Trnsfrmr Club members are invited to join the exclusive Speakers Dinner where they can rub shoulders with some of the world’s leading cross- industrial change-makers.

Stage One, Zurich

Jan 16, 2020


Keynotes and Tracks

Worldwebforum 2020 will be presented between main stage and tracks, that are led as a series of panel discussions, roundtables, presentations and workshops by our track partners.

Examples of track topics include Work redesigned, Leadership, Digital health, Food chain, just to name a few.

Worldwebforum speaker Meia Chita-Tegmark

Mindfood meetings & trips

All year round

Post Conference

For members only

Being a member of the Trnsfrmr Club offers the chance to participate in all year round meetings, “Mindfood trips”, like creativity stimulating festival Unplugged Zermatt, peer-to-peer leadership workshops,  a visit to Volvo Innovation Lab in Sweden, and more…

Trnsfrmr mashups & meetings give the opportunity to meet international experts and leaders and contribute your part to the Worldwebforum community.

Join the movement. Become a Trnsfrmr.

Worldwebforum Trnsfrmr club

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