“Switzerland, The Blockchain Nation” – Ueli Maurer, Federal President 2019, opens WORLDWEBFORUM 2019, 17-18 January, Zurich

WORLDWEBFORUM welcomes Zurich Insurance Group as new Black Diamond Partner.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Distributed Ledger Technology have triggered the next wave of rapid and radical changes in the world. With unprecedented computing power at our disposal, forces are shifting at all levels.

Who will win, who will lose? Will today’s power cartels lose control because the political, intellectual and economic establishment has no idea how to deal with the new technologies?

And will a new generation of revolutionary entrepreneurs use artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data to destroy existing power structures and become the new establishment – just like hippies with personal computers and their heirs with the Internet? Who will be master, who will be servant?

This question is the focus of the WORLDWEBFORUM 2019, which is dedicated to the topic “Master and Servant”.

Speakers and their topics at the WORLDWEBFORUM 2019:

  • Ueli Maurer, President of the Swiss Confederation 2019: «Switzerland, the Blockchain Nation»

Panel discussion: «Crypto Assets: Master or Servant?»

  • Andrea Maechler, Member of the board, Swiss National Bank (SNB)
  • Jos Dijsselhof, CEO, SIX / Swiss Exchange
  • David Wallace, CIO, European Stability Mechanism (ESM)
  • Ted Rogers, President, Xapo
  • Zeeshan Feroz, CEO UK, Coinbase
  • Matt Higginson, Partner, McKinsey & Company

More Keynote Speakers:

  • James Monsees, Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Juul: «Growth-Proof Teams»
  • Bill Wyman, Co-Founder and Former Bassist, The Rolling Stones: “Anti-Establishment Irreverence”
  • Bill Barnett, Professor, Graduate School of Business Stanford: “Leading by Design”
  • Kazuhiko Toyama, Managing Partner, IGPI, Industrial Growth Platform Inc: “Lessons From Japan’s Lost 25 Years”
  • Roya Mahboob, Founder and CEO Digital Citizen Fund: “Strength, Courage, and Wisdom”
  • Fumbi Chima, CIO Adidas: «The New Paradigm of Leadership»
  • Meia Chita-Tegmark, Co-Founder, The Future of Life Society: «The Future Self: Master or Servant”
  • Michael Chui, Partner, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI): «Decentralisation of Power And Control”
  • Heinrich XIII., Prinz Reuss: «Why Blue-Blooded Elite Became Servants»
  • Marco Tempest, Creative Technologist, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab: «Inventing the Impossible»
  • Jacomo Corbo, Founder & Chief Scientist, Quantum Black: “AI in Action”
  • Dominic Price, Head Of R&D and Work Futurist, Atlassian: “Your Role in Future of Work”
  • Nicolas Economou, CEO, H5; Chair Law Initiative, The Future Society: «Humanity at a Crossroads: The Dawn of the Age of Artificial Intelligence»
  • Peter Jacobs, Former CIO, ING: “Agile – Master or Servant?”
  • Arif Khan, VP Marketing, Singularity.Net: “36 Mio in 66 Seconds”
  • Christopher Kai, Founder & CEO, The Mathem Group: “The Secret behind Steve Jobs’ Success”

Panel Discussion: «The New Pecking Order in the World»

  • Ana C. Rold, CEO & Publisher, “Diplomatic Courier”
  • Edward Tse, Founder & CEO, GAO FENG Advisory
  • Yoshimasa Hayashi, Former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan
  • Klaus Hommels, Founder & CEO, Lakestar

Panel Discussion: «Leading Creative Teams: The Rotating Roles of Masters and Servants»

  • Vivianna Fang He, Senior Researcher, ETH Zurich
  • Angelica Anton, Founding Partner, Silk Ventures
  • Lea von Bidder, Co-Founder & President, AVA Science
  • Dave Allemann, CEO, ON


WORLDWEBFORUM shares the knowledge. The keynotes will be streamed live on

  • worldwebforum.com/livestream
  • YouTube.com
  • 20min.ch
  • Blick.ch

In addition to keynotes and panels, WORLDWEBFORUM offers tracks and interactive sessionsto exchange cross-industry insights and find answers to future challenges. In the tracks, speakers present a variety of projects and initiatives that use the power of ideas.

Tracks at WORLDWEBFORUM 2019:

  • Future of Work chaired by Atos
  • Blockchain chaired by Everyware
  • Global Talent Summit chaired by “Diplomatic Courier”
  • Digital Health chaired by ETH Zurich
  • Food Chain chaired by V-Zug und Staufen.inova
  • Real Estate chaired by Avelon
  • Future of Marketing chaired by “Financial Times”
  • Tourism chaired by Zurich Tourism
  • Living Business chaired by Accenture
  • Mobility chaired by Volvo
  • Insurtech chaired by Helvetia

WORLDWEBFORUM welcomes Zurich Insurance Group as new Black Diamond Partner.

As part of the preparations for the 7th annual meeting, the WORLDWEBFORUM has entered into a cooperation with Zurich Insurance Group (“Zurich”). As “Black Diamond Partner”, Zurich becomes a member of the highest partner level of the WORLDWEBFORUM. Zurich, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is the leading multi-line insurance company. With approximately 53,000 employees, Zurich offers a comprehensive range of products and services in property-casualty and life insurance. Its customers include individuals, small, medium-sized and large companies as well as multinationals in more than 210 countries and territories.

“Zurich is an important strategic partner for us, shaping the real and digital world of tomorrow worldwide,” says WORLDWEBFORUM founder and CEO Fabian Hediger. “We are proud to expand our highest partner level with Zurich.” Next to Zurich, McKinsey & Company, ETH Zurich and “Financial Times” are Black Diamond Partners.


Over the past seven years, WORLDWEBFORUM in Zurich has developed into a meeting place for leaders who want to make a difference in the world. The keynotes, workshops and discussions at the annual meeting go far beyond topics like technology and business. With this in mind, we are developing WORLDWEBFORUM both thematically and geographically. In essence, we are dealing with the question:

“What do we have to do today to be successful tomorrow – also for the next generation?

Thanks to close relationships with thought leaders in Silicon Valley, China, Europe and top academics worldwide, WORLDWEBFORUM brings together the most progressive minds with the aim of promoting the courage to change in the world.

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