Worldwebforum pivots to a digital membership model.

The organisers of the Worldwebforum Annual meeting have announced that their next annual meeting will take place on January 28, 2022, with a focus on its shift to a digital community in 2020.

In it’s 9th year, the event takes place each January in Zurich, Switzerland. It was announced at their last meeting, before 1,500 people, that the company is pivoting to a digital membership model where community members can access the exclusive Worldwebforum learning, exchange and networking experience year-round.

CEO Fabian Hediger comments, “Our board of directors and I have made an executive decision to host the next meeting in 2022, and give space to our journey towards being a truly worldwide web and mobile-based forum throughout this year and in 2021. 

We have seen many companies forced to adopt rapid digital transformations due to the extraordinary Covid-19 situation in past months. However, we are pleased to have been ahead of that curve, making the shift to becoming a platform of innovation and experimentation that is available both on and offline. And we would like to reach out to help other organizations to do the same, with our experienced team of Beecom technology consultants.

In addition, we want to emphasise how deeply we value the safety and comfort of our guests and international speakers at the annual meeting. We want to offer them the peace of mind of an energetic, inspiring and surprising show in 2022, without compromising on the content and opportunity to meet and build meaningful connections. Via our digital platform, our community can access the Worldwebforum experience year-round, optimized for mobile to be accessed by technology-driven business leaders at all stages of the leadership life cycle.”

The membership mirrors the Worldwebforum event experience, with knowledge leadership presented by global strategic partners McKinsey & Company, Zurich Insurance, Atlassian, Financial Times and more. 

Just as the annual meeting offers plentiful networking opportunities, the digital community features interactive messaging, digital events, live Q&As, polls and lively discussion forums. Star guests such as Roger Hallam, co-founder extinction rebellion; Brittany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytics whistleblower, Dante Disparte of Libra Association, Brian Spears of New Age Meats are members of the community and available for scheduled discussions and ideas exchange. 

Built as a mobile-first experience, the Worldwebforum platform is available as an app for download via Google play and Apple store.

About Worldwebforum

Over the past eight years, Worldwebforum has developed into a forum for established and emerging leaders in business and technology to connect, learn, share, inspire and build long-lasting relationships.

Thanks to close relationships with leaders in Silicon Valley, China, Europe and top academics globally, Worldwebforum brings together the most progressive minds with the aim of empowering positive radical change in the world. The annual meeting in Zurich convenes influential speakers such as Steve Wozniak, Cofounder of Apple, Jay Simons, President of Atlassian, Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web, Ed Catmull, Founder of Pixar, Marian Goodell, CEO of Burning Man, David Sable, Global CEO of Young & Rubicam and Bill Wyman, Co-Founder and Former Bassist of The Rolling Stones. In 2020, Lars Ulrich, Co-founder and Drummer for Metallica; Roger Hallam , co-founder Extinction Rebellion; Brittany Kaiser , Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower and Sepp Blatter , former FIFA President joined the list of acclaimed headlining star guests.



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